Year: 2016

Revolv Placed Second in the Top 100 Call Center Award From BenchmarkPortal

Revolv, a leading dental benefits administration and health informatics company, placed second in the Top 100 Call Center award for 2016 from BenchmarkPortal. The Top 100 contest is recognized as the premier call center contest in North America.

The Top 100 competition compares the performance of contact centers throughout North America by evaluating their key metrics against industry peers. Entries are all crosschecked, validated and approved by certified call center experts, and the resulting submissions are scored on the basis of both quality and cost efficiency.

Since the Top 100 process is based entirely on statistical comparison to the world’s largest and most respected database of call center metrics, this competition can objectively identify centers who are achieving superior results both in financial and qualitative terms.

The Top 100 contest grouped submissions into four categories for this awards program. Each center was compared from a wide variety of industries and assigned a numerical rating. As a result, Revolv was determined to be a Top 100 Call Center in North America. Recipients of the Top 100 award have demonstrated, on a very objective basis that they provide superior service and financial performance. They are the leaders in the call center industry.

“The Revolv contact center is among the best in its industry. This award was granted on the basis of objective, metrics-driven performance. Revolv stood tall against it competitors according to the world’s largest database of call center metrics. This is not easy to do, and we congratulate them on their accomplishment” said Bruce Belfiore of BenchmarkPortal.

Revolv is proud to announce our sponsorship of and exhibiting at Workplace Benefits Renaissance, March 1-3 in Atlantic City.

Revolv offers full service dental benefits administration and innovative turnkey solutions for self-funded groups with as few as 50 benefit eligible employees. Secure 24/7 web portal access with on-demand reporting and network integration, Revolv is more than just a third party administrator, we are your dental experts. Stop by booth 106 to learn more about a solution that will work for you. 

Why Workplace Benefits?  From the combined resources of Employee Benefit Adviser and the Workplace Benefits Association, more than 500 brokers, agents and advisers will attend to learn from the most successful leaders in the benefits industry and discover the latest strategic approaches, tools and technologies to grow their practice. We have the technology to help that growth.

Be Alert to Changes in Dental Benefits in the New Year

It’s a new day, it’s a new year, and there are new benefits waiting for most of your patients. If you are like most of our dental practice clients, you already know the importance of verifying benefit details for your patients. As the new year begins, don’t assume that nothing has changed. Something most likely has changed.

As employers continue to grapple with the rising cost of providing healthcare benefits, they are looking for innovative ways to save money. Dental insurance companies are finding their business more and more competitive and are getting creative in designing plans to satisfy their employer customers.

What does that mean for dental teams and our patients? Increasingly, dental benefit plans include cost saving measures like exclusions, waiting periods and deductibles. The time-tested 100/80/50 benefit structure is no longer standard and shouldn’t be assumed. Groups are choosing plans with lower coverage percentages and higher deductibles.

Teresa Duncan, MS, FADIA, FAADOM of Odyssey Management reports seeing a rise in benefit structures that place more cost-shifting to the patient. “Offices today are changing the practice management system defaults of 100/80/50 more often than ever before,” she shared. “It’s another reason why checking benefits and eligibilities is essential – the wrong percentage leads to the wrong copayment which usually leads to an increase in accounts receivables.  In another example she cites several plans have carved out periodontal surgical services and have subjected them to a separate periodontal maximum (which is great because it leaves the larger maximum for other work).”

This cost-shifting to the patient is an important communication opportunity for your dental team. Most patients are unaware of the details of their dental plan and typically assume full coverage for recommended treatment. When financial surprises arise they often result in an unhappy patient. Be prepared and proactive by sharing coverage details with your patients when proposing treatment. They’ll be appreciative that you are concerned about their financial health as well as their oral health.