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Continuing our Introductions, Jeanette Battista

At Revolv, we understand that a strategic partnership starts with a uniquely qualified team. That’s why we have carefully assembled a group of experts in benefits, technology and informatics to provide you with professional advice and industry insight you need in today’s dynamic health care market.
Continuing our series, we’re pleased to introduce Jeanette Battista, Vice President of Sales. Jeanette joined Revolv in 2012, and is responsible for all sales and sales administrative functions including leading the national Revolv team of Regional Sales Directors.

Jeanette has over 25 years of experience in the dental insurance marketplace. She has served in a variety of sales and marketing leadership positions with organizations such as Delta of Illinois and Aetna Dental throughout her career. During her six-year term as Vice President of Sales for Delta, she was instrumental in the company’s unprecedented growth from an estimated $240M to almost $500M in annual revenues.

Jeanette is a native of Chicago and studied voice at the American Conservatory of Music and Rosary College. She is a member of many professional organizations as well as the Women’s Innovation Network in Chicago and is active with a number of charitable and support organizations including Public Action to Deliver Shelter.

You can connect with her via LinkedIn or here at